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Mock The Bad

Sharing the Badfics with the world

Mocking the Bad NCIS Fics of the world
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You know you've seen them, and many times, you've read them. Now come and mock them. Badfics are everywhere in the NCIS fandoms. So now is your chance to mock the stories that you've tortured yourself into reading. So share the badness with the world, and mock the writers who think they can write.

- This is not the place to complain about minor grammar and spelling mistakes. There are other groups for that. grammar_bitches is one of them. However if the entire thing is horribly spelled and the grammar so bad you can't tell what's going on, you can post it here.

- Bad fiction can be in the eye of the beholder. Debates are bound to happen. All opinions are welcome, but personal attacks on other users will not be tolerated.

- If you are the author of a fiction linked to from this community, you are free to defend your work. Same rules for debate applies, no personal attacks.

Badfic Submission Template



What It's Claiming to be:
(for example, if the story is about Kate and Tony hooking up after Tony travels through time to save her)

What It Actually Is:
(Be honest. Really, we could all use a good laugh.)

Choice Highlights:
(feel free to add commentary. It's why we're here, after all.)

Evilness Rating:
(How many times did you want to break your wrists for allowing you to read the story?)